I write and edit, primarily

while playing piano on the side and raising two kids in America.

While my first book, The Rise and Fall of Jenny Goodguts, won’t change your life, it might make you feel better about the one you have. I don’t even mention reaching your potential, except to consider that potential is ever expanding: the more you do, the more you can do. So, technically, you can never reach it. Why not take a breath?

In my weekly correspondences, I share thoughts (humorous and otherwise) on our times, nursing your creative spark, and glow sticks, while exploring how we humans, as individuals and within cultures, can live in reciprocal relationship with the rest of life. What I write often helps people to laugh, to see things differently, and to feel hope. I’d love to share it with you too.

I’m a professional editor of technical sustainability-related publications and I love to work with other creatives to help get beautiful work into the world.

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