I have a tendency to write about whatever I want. However, some of my work fits neatly into a few different projects. They include:

The Stuffed Project
One woman’s odyssey to reimagine our relationship to the material world.

The 100 Rejections Project
An ongoing account of my efforts to learn about and become a published author.

The Happy Atmosphere Challenge
Envisioned as a challenge to take action in one’s daily life to support innovation, people, and practices with an overall objective of more carbon stored on Earth, less blanketing the atmosphere. The beta version is available but this is undergoing revision and simplification.

As mentioned in the book, a couple of YouTube videos I made early on during my right-brain revolution, plus one song recorded on my phone’s voice memo app.

Some poems I’m writing or have written. Some that I’ve read aloud.

The French Food Challenge
(long promised and pending)
A game I made up to play with my kids to encourage them to try new foods.

Star Chart
(under revision)