My creative endeavors have a tendency to follow the flow of life. However, some of my work fits neatly into a few different projects. They include:

Regeneration 2021

Creative energy, the possibility of transforming what has been into what can be, flows through us all, individually and collectively. 

A gallery of creative works in 24 genres by a community of artists from around the world. A series of three shows, the first is called Gather. This is a community that I’ve helped to convene and organize and a gallery that I helped to build. I’m so happy to be a part of this.

The Advent Project
As 2020 came to an end, my kids and I made a list of the things we were thankful for. Each day for the month of December we chose one thing and gave $10 or more to an organization working to share that thing with others. So if we were thankful for warmth, for example, we gave to an organization providing coats for kids. Water: clean water. And so on. We repeated this project in 2021. We are working on a book about this.

The Stuffed Project
One woman’s odyssey to reimagine our relationship to the material world (a book I’ve been writing for a while now).

The 100 Rejections Project
The text here used to say “an ongoing account of my efforts to become an author.” But now I feel like I am an author, so the 100 Rejections Project is now a place to track my continued exploration of what kind of author I want to be and how and where to share my work.

The Happy Atmosphere Challenge
Envisioned as a challenge to take action in one’s daily life to support innovation, people, and practices with an overall objective of more carbon stored on Earth, less blanketing the atmosphere. This is the beta version and there may never be a revision.

As mentioned in my book, a couple of YouTube videos I made early on during my right-brain revolution, plus one song recorded on my phone’s voice memo app.